High Impact Visuals

With nearly 25 years of corporate experience and knowledge of how people process visual information, the legal visual aid professionals at RTI’s Imaging Sciences Group produce effective graphics and computer illustrations that provide an understanding of complex processes and their unplanned results. It is well known that visual information helps to focus the attention of the viewer, including the trier of fact, and, more importantly, creates a memorable impression. Well planned visuals can be used to demonstrate a complex series of time-related actions and reactions, or to provide a tutorial to aid in understanding new technical concepts critical to the core expert testimony.



Multimedia visual services provided by RTI include, but are not limited to:

RTI 720°™ Smart Animation™

Animation Tutorial

Multimedia Presentations

Trial Graphics

Video Analysis

3D Scanning




03.11.2014 RTI Explores 3D Modeling Utilizing its AerExam™ Aerial Photography Solution

The Imaging Sciences Group of RTI is proud to present an exciting new...Read more

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