Security & Risk Management

The need for effective security solutions in countering existing and projected terrorist and criminal threats is reinforced by the unprecedented rise in hostile activities in many parts of the world. Protecting and securing an organization’s assets, employees, shareholders, and customers is essential in today’s work environment. RTI’s security and risk management consultants specialize in providing a threat-based system to establish proactive, effective and cost-efficient solutions for the mitigation of security risks. 

As a security and counter-terrorism resource, RTI offers a team of highly-qualified and experienced security specialists and risk management personnel to provide organizations in both the public and private sectors with highly effective security advisory services.  RTI is an entirely independent entity, providing objective recommendations in the client’s best interest.  This independence is critical when evaluating threats, and proposing practical solutions to safely mitigate the risks.

Among the security and risk management advisory services provided by RTI are the following:

  • Security Scoping Reviews
  • Security Risk Assessments
  • Security and Safety Plans
  • Security Systems Project Management
  • Security Reviews, Audits, and Training
  • Contingency and Business Continuity Planning
  • Security Training and Crisis Management
  • Counter-terrorism and Security Consulting
  • Contract Security Management
  • Executive Protection and Driver Training Services

To maximize the effectiveness of an organization’s security structure it is essential to first identify and mitigate the threat.  Using effective intelligence gathering mechanisms, RTI’s advisors can accurately formulate a strategy to reduce the risk — a strategy that is both cost-effective and realistic — and can provide flexible, effective, and sensible security solutions that are unique to clients’ needs.

RTI’s security and risk management clients include the financial sector throughout the Middle East; the oil and gas sector in Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East; and major international retail brands and governments in the Middle East. RTI now offers this unique insight and experience from our offices covering North, Central and South America, as well as Europe.


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