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Orville Wright and Lieutenant Thomas Selfridge (right) being attended to after Wright’s airplane crashed at Fort Myer – September 17, 1908

The Wright Brothers undertook the world’s first successful motorized airplane flight at Kitty Hawk, NC in 1903. What most people do not know is that five years later in 1908, Orville Wright was piloting a plane that crashed causing the first airplane fatality.

The RTI group of companies is a well established multidisciplinary technical services consultancy specializing in accident and failure investigation as well as safety-related applications and education. RTI’s experienced professionals serve clients representing high-exposure industries and transportation operations worldwide. We are known for our ability to conduct objective investigations and audits as an independent third party and for providing both proactive and reactive practical solutions to private and public sector clients alike. RTI is also a leader in producing internationally accredited continuing education conferences for law and insurance professionals in the aviation and maritime industries.

RTI Group LLC, transitioned from FTI in 2003 by the co-founder and chairman emeritus of FTI Consulting, Inc, is headquartered in Stevensville, Maryland and continues a tradition of forensic engineering excellence begun in 1975.

In 2004 RTI founded its London office, RTI Ltd, as a wholly owned UK subsidiary with Aviation, Marine, Utilities, and Construction departments to serve Europe, the Middle East and Africa. RTI Latin America was established in 2008 in Panama City as an extension of the London office to serve Latin America and, in particular, the Panamanian Flag State and Canal Operations.

We continue to expand our worldwide range of analytical capabilities and services to other parts of the globe.