RTI Expert Spotlight, June 22

RTI Expert Spotlight, June 22

Are you in need of an Expert?  We personally select top qualified Experts who excel in varying disciplines including fire and explosion, aviation, construction, marine, rail, utilities, and more.  We will highlight four of these Professionals bimonthly; however, all of our Experts can be found in the RTI Expert Directory.  For additional information on any Expert, please contact us.

Airplane Flight, Test Operations, Safety & Crew Training
RTI Expert No: 011195

RTI Expert 011195 began his aviation career after graduating from Washington State University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  He joined the US Air force and began pilot training.  Upon completion of pilot training, he served in the Strategic Air Command flying B-47 Stratojets.  Following his military career, he joined Boeing as a flight test engineer.

Power Distribution Equipment and Systems Engineer
RTI Expert No: 011119

RTI Expert 011119 is highly experienced in the technical and financial management of projects on application of polymer technology relating to energy issues for utilities, chemical companies, and service organizations with an emphasis on cable systems, i.e. diagnostics, aging, life estimation, life extension, reliability of equipment, distribution, and transmission arenas.

Civil Engineer specializing in Construction Management
RTI Expert No: 011153

RTI Expert 011153 is a Civil Engineer, specializing in Highway and Street Design, Traffic Engineering, Utilities Construction, Storm Drainage, Pedestrian Safety, Walkway Surface Evaluations, Concrete and Asphalt Pavement Evaluations. Extensive experience in Construction Management, Project Related Claims, Job Site Safety, Codes and Standards, ADA Compliance.

Fire Protection Engineer and Structural Engineer
RTI Expert No: 011196

RTI Expert 011196 has over 40 years of experience in fire safety science, having been the first person to earn a Ph.D. in Fire Protection Engineering in 1976. He currently specializes in lending fire safety science support to investigations of fires and explosions.   He is a Principal Member of NFPA’s Technical Committee on Fire Investigations, which develops the standard guide for investigation of fires and explosions, NFPA 921.