RTI Congratulates Alex Galkin, Professional Engineer

RTI Congratulates Alex Galkin, Professional Engineer



RTI is very pleased to congratulate Alex Galkin, mechanical engineer, on obtaining his Professional Engineering license for the state of Maryland. The PE license is the engineering profession's highest standard of competence, achievement, and quality assurance.

Aleksey Galkin has more than seven years’ experience in the field of Mechanical Engineering.  As a key member of multi-disciplinary engineering teams, he has participated in the investigation of industrial and utility accidents involving electric power generating plant equipment and distribution network systems such as network transformers and underground cables. He has also participated in the analysis of fires and explosions resulting from electrical activity, and from liquid and gas fuels.  Mr. Galkin has investigated commercial accidents involving material handling equipment, cooking equipment, dry cleaning presses, product storage and shelving, fire suppression equipment including sprinklers and related plumbing. Additionally, he has experience in investigating accidents in public areas and buildings related to carbon monoxide poisoning and slip and fall.  Mr. Galkin also conducted engineering analyses of accidents involving consumer products such as power tools, plumbing fixtures, aerosol cans, lithium batteries, hot tubs relating to electrical shock, and various vehicles with respect to electrical and mechanical failures, carbon monoxide poisoning, and turnovers.  In aviation, Mr. Galkin has been a member of investigation teams analyzing flight critical components and systems including but not limited to: engine control, power storage, generation and distribution, and flight data analysis. He has also investigated in-flight failures of passenger comfort equipment.

Mr. Galkin is well versed in standard and special testing of mechanical and electrical systems and components as well as materials. He is knowledgeable in the operation of special equipment such as scanning electron microscopes as it relates to fracture surfaces and material composition.

Mr. Galkin has expert knowledge of engineering analysis software including ANSYS, Pro/E, SolidWorks, and Inventor as applied to mechanical, thermal, and fluid analyses, as well as NIST-FDS and PyroSim, applied to fire analysis. He has a keen understanding of computational software such as MATLAB/Octave, MathCAD/SMath, and LabView for data acquisition and analysis.

If you are interested in using Alex's expertise or want to learn more about RTI, please don't hesitate to contact us at 410-571-0712 or info@rtiforensics.com