May 9th Expert Spotlight

May 9th Expert Spotlight

Are you in need of an expert?  We personally select top qualified experts who excel in varying disciplines including fire and explosion, aviation, construction, marine, rail, utilities, and more.  We will highlight four of these professionals bimonthly; however, all of our experts can be found in the RTI Expert Directory.  For additional information on any expert, please contact us.

Senior Aeronautical Engineer and Developmental Test Pilot
RTI Expert No: 011257

RTI Expert 011257 is a senior aeronautical engineer who served 20 years in the Navy. As a Naval aviator, he served on four operational cruises with over 500 successful arrested landings aboard aircraft carriers.  He has over 27 years of developmental test pilot experience, and an accident free career with over 5300 hours. His certificates include ATP, Commercial Pilot: MEL, SEL, and Commercial Glider. His most recent experience is as chief test pilot for commercial space vehicles.

Gas and Electric Utility Operations Expert
RTI Expert No: 011258

RTI Expert 011258 specializes in gas and electric utility engineering, construction, maintenance, operations, safety, and human performance improvement. His experience has a particular emphasis on gas and electric power distribution and vegetation management operations. This expert has over 25 years experience within the utility industry.




Nuclear Generating Plant Engineer
RTI Expert No: 011125

RTI Expert 011125 is a Nuclear Generating Plant Engineer with over 37 years of experience in both operation and senior management of generating fleets, nuclear, fossil and hydro-electric plants. As a former US Navy Nuclear Submariner and later the President and CEO of Constellation Nuclear Group.  He participated in the ongoing development of steam generator chemistry controls, tube examination and testing, and plugging and repair techniques.  After his career at Constellation he has consulted on matters at Palo Verde, Vogtle, Indian Point and Pilgrim nuclear plants.  He has testifying experience in various matters. 

Civil and Environmental Engineer
RTI Expert No: 011152

RTI Expert 011152 is an Environmental and Civil Engineer with many years of professional environmental and engineering experience in a variety of managerial and technical capacities. He has provided business/industrial consulting on environmental strategies, regulatory requirements, and permitting.  He has extensive experience in the overall use of resources as they affect the environment,  hazardous waste and risk management issues,  waste minimization,  site development,  and infrastructure. He is a qualified expert and has presented testimony as to his findings in courts of law.