Expert Spotlight - Aviation

Expert Spotlight - Aviation


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Senior Flight Safety and Accident Investigator

RTI Expert 011222

Expert 011222 has over 31 years of flight experience with American Airlines (AA), amassing over 17,000 accident and incident free flight hours. For five years, he served as the Senior Manager of Flight Safety and Chief Accident Investigator for AA.  He is also an SMS instructor at the University of Southern California’s Aviation Safety School. Our expert is an experienced Airline Aviation Consultant and Technical Witness.

Our expert has addressed safety data systems such as Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA), Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP), and Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA) as integral elements within the AA Safety Management system.  He was responsible for the Flight, Cabin, Maintenance, and Dispatch ASAP, as well as the FOQA program at American Airlines.  He was instrumental in sharing de-identified aggregate safety data with other airlines and the Air Traffic Safety Action Program (ATSAP).  Our expert planned and managed the AA Corporate Safety Department's efforts to support American Airlines' commitment to be the world leader in airline safety. While working most closely with the AA Flight department, he interfaced with all AA departments to proactively identify and develop strategies and practices to prevent accidents and incidents. He has acted as the American Airlines’ liaison with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and Department of Defense (DOD) and served as the Party Coordinator in the event of an NTSB investigation.

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